ArcheAge - Launch of update 4.5 and Fresh-server in the European version is delayed for an indefinite time

On April 5, the servers of the European version of MMORPG ArcheAge with the update 4.5 and the new Fresh-server were not launched.

According to the developers, the start of the main EU-servers is scheduled for 18:00 pm, and after the administrators will look at the stability of their work and after that the Fresh-server, which our players are waiting for, will be launched.

It's worth noting that the servers for the US region are currently working, however, a bug with Bloodsalt Bay has already been found, so the NA servers was disabled for exactly one hour.

Such a delay in the installation of update 4.5 is associated with a poor Internet connection between data centers in the US and Europe, which may affect the stability of European servers.