Lineage II (Free)


The main features of Lineage 2 Free version!

It is difficult to find a person who has never heard of the legendary online game Lineage 2. Right now this massive multiplayer online game is divided by the community and developers into a few separate titles: Lineage 2 Classic, Lineage 2 (with updates), Lineage 2 Free and Lineage 2 Essence. All games share the same philosophy and Adena Lineage currency. However, boosting of characters, raids, quests and other gameplay features are different.

What is the game Lineage 2 Free? This is a free client-based MMORPG in the well-known verse of Lineage II. What does a Lineage 2 Free account give you? This means that you can play free, without feeling in deprived and with an unlimited time for gameplay.

But if you do not have 5-6 hours of daily free time to boost your character, then this process can be sped up with Lineage 2 Adena money (grinded or bought with real money). Do you want it to be even simpler – then you may use the special marketplace to pick among Lineage 2 accounts for sale. 

The best thing is that online merchants give a choice – users may buy Lineage 2 Talking island ready accounts as well as accounts for other servers. For example, people always want to buy Lineage 2 accounts to play on such EU/NA servers as Giran, Aden, Gludio, Skelth and many others.


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