Star Wars TOR: EU/NA

Star Wars: The Old Republic or simply SWTOR is a quite famous MMORPG developed by the legendary studio Bioware and published by Electronic Arts in 2011. It is a combination of many familiar MMO elements. The developers preferred to divide SWTOR into the Republic warriors and the Empire fighters, just in classic movies.

A player may choose a character among 8 classes, each of which has its own unique story. F2P model for boosting a SWTOR account only with grinding wasn’t welcomed by the fans and the game received the top-notch, high-quality content. Right now, players can earn or buy SWTOR credits to level up their character and get certain items. This is how it works. Yes, the main SWTOR currency is credits that give an access to better weapons, customization and plot-driven items.

Just like with pretty much every MMO game, SWTOR is focusing on leveling up via PvP и PvE battles. The plot is intense and will surely make the Star Wars fans very happy.


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