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ArcheAge is a fantasy MMORPG released by XLGames in 2013. The world is created on basis of the Korean writer Min-Hee Jeon’s works and bundles magic, middle age and steampank. The game is shareware, in other words the main possibilities are available for everyone, but at extra charge several goodies such as purchasing of own house will appear.

The ArcheAge’s map is really huge and consists of three continents, divided by the sea, which is a location as well. The plot comes from the conflict of two fractions each of them has 2 races:

And the third fraction – pirates, the hero of any race who gained enough reputation points.

ArcheAge provides the great freedom of action for the users. Here anyone can become a warrior, a robber, a pirate, a farmer, a designer and so on. Unbelievable craft system gives a chance to be anything. There is an ability provided to adjust completely the character skills depending on the needs, there is almost everything that is crafted here. The world is so open that purchasing the houses players are able to create a new village. AA is partly a sandbox, so the user can create the content by himself. For instance, You may choose the picture on the ship’s flag and other interestingnesses, but they are limited. The recite of the ArcheAge world’s potential will take too much time, so it’s better to see for Yourself.

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The economic part is developed so well, that now apart from the common farming with monster killing and passing the quests there is a possibility for producing somehow the good or selling it, (it’s possible to get to the prison) or provide services. The stronger are the trade relations, the more currency is needed in the game. For example, to buy the guard for the caravan of merchandise it’s necessary to pay the gold or to go for become robbed on the way and to get left. Since the gold is the essential part of the routine in AA, gold can be needed urgently and here MMO-Coins will come to Your aid. We guarantee the fast delivery and perfect service which won’t leave You cold.

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