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Buy gold Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul is one of the leading MMORPG developed by the NCSoft. In Russia the planned release date is May 19 2016. Join to the growing audience of this masterpiece!

As in all the role mmo, gamer will be able to develop the character by means of level increasing or purchasing the better weapon and armor. It’s reasonable that to become one of the strongest gamer at the russian server huge gold stock is necessary and there are two choices for any user:

Purchasing the game currency for real cash will facilitate the updating process, save nerves and time, and when achieved the high level You will get only pleasure from the b’n’s and in particular winning the PvP fights! It’s critical not to forget that if You’re fed up with playing, your account, all the items and gold can be sold, and our project’s team will support You.

If you haven’t tried hand at BladeAndSoul at the official eu servers yet, than it’s a perfect moment to go for russian version of BladeAndSoul! This MMORPG is free to use, so called free to play. You may download it from the official European or American version web-site or from the russian version official web-site.

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