Neverwinter Online

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Neverwinter Online is shareware MMORPG developed by Cryptic Studios, but released by Perfect World Entertainment in 2013. The plot is dedicated to the city “Neverwinter” from the Dungeons & Dragons, but does not have anything to do with “Neverwinter Nights”.

Some words about the game features. If You had a chance to play the “Neverwinter Nights”, than You shouldn’t expect such nonlinear story. Although, when generating the character, the biography and character’s place of birth is chosen, but it doesn’t influence the events. Secondly, the voicework of all the dialogues. Even small, typical tasks like “go there and kill him” are voiced “thick and thin”. Someone will find it excessive, but it doesn’t change the fact that the developers really did their best. Unfortunately, the main plotline is ordinary and blends in distinctive features. But it’s compensated by the beauty and marvelously delivered atmosphere. Here we’re coming to the main point. Adventure editor (The Foundry) is the of the D&D darling’s highlight, since it was implemented on a high level.

What’s the “adventure editor”?

There are lots of user’s tasks, fit any taste. All of it happens in the open world, where You can get your friends with you. Genius idea and equally perfect implementation.

Of course, diamonds play a great role. NW online differs from the genre fellows by the fact that there’s no urgent lack of game currency, but it’s not enough for purchasing the better equipment.

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