TERA Online EU, US

Tera (EU/NA)

Tera Online is an extremely interesting, awe-inspiring and popular MMORPG where thousands of gamers explore the beautiful world of fictional Arborea. The classic fantasy plot has a few breathtaking twists and events like the battles of the ancient Titans, invasion of evil demons, building the coalition to beat the Argons and mysterious Magic Order quests. In other words, it is a great game for exploring solo or with friends.

The great news is that Tera gameplay won’t cost you nothing – the game is completely free, though prepared to spend tens of hours for Tera account boosting, pretty much like in every huge MMO role playing game.

Usually all in-game content is available for sale if a player has enough Tera Currency called here En Masse Point (EMP). There are 3 types of Tera EMP currency to buy – Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each type of Tera credits gives certain preferences and the access to the Tera online store with multiple items for boosting and customization.


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Extra gold also opens an access to the so-called VIP Tera accounts where the character’s levels is gained faster, new discounts are available and additional bonuses are offered. To cut a long story short, players want to buy Tera accounts with VIP status as soon as they finish the first story-driven quests.

Many people believe that the only true way to play any MMO game is to farm like a crazy person for hours. However, the majority of players with an actual life, family and job simply do not have time (money is not a problem) to boost EMP currency and DMO additional credits.

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