World of Warcraft Classic EU

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WoW is a P2P (pay to play) MMORPG by Blizzard studio released in 2004-2005. One of the most popular of a kind its audience is 6-10mln. happy (or not really) geeks (or not exactly).

Why is it so attractive?

  • Atmosphere beyond words
  • The great world, each location of which is unique
  • Entertaining events by the developers.
  • Considered and well-balanced gameplay

Now a little bit more about each point. The Warcraft RTS judges will immediately feel nostalgic for the past, since it inherits the characters’ names, map’s parts and so on. On the vast expanses of the World of Warcraft each zone has a unique visual design and background music.

Regular new events help to prescind and wind down. There are a lot of Easter Eggs. Each race and class are special, however the balance in PvP is fulfilled. Gamer is able to choose its own way of development and WoW gold gaining: conventional monster murders or passing infinity of quests (mix them). Reading tasks is really interesting, it adds the feelings.

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