EVE Online

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EVE Online is the sci-fi multiplayer game, but that’s not easy to describe its genre. So it’s partly strategy, role game and simulator. Developed by the Icelandic CCP Games it was released in 2003 and each time it becomes better after the update. It’s necessary to pay for the monthly subscription.

In a sense, this game is like chess among the MMOG. There’s no right tactics or weapons and for each argument there’s a counterargument. The strongest wins in a war for the territory.

The Universe is really vast and contains more than 7,000 star systems and 60,000 planets. On these great spaces there is a conflict of 4 “races” for users and 1 “race” for the NPCs who keep neutrality :

- The Amarr (the Empire)

- The Caldari State (the State)

- The Gallente (the Federation)

- Minmatar (the Republic)

- The Jovians (the Empire)

This project doesn’t suit the rapid events’ and permanent action’s fans, it requires more hours in front of the monitor. Only to get out the “beginner” status it may take one year! Even the leveling system tells about that. The skills are learned by means of the books, and it takes from one minute to a few months. Simultaneously it’s possible to learn only one thing, but it’s not necessary to be online, the learning continues even offline. There are more than 400 skills. For learning them and leveling to the maximum (5th) level it will take about 18 years! It’s possible to describe this masterpiece as infinitely as huge is its world.

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EVE doesn’t limit the user by choosing any concrete activity, so there are lots of variants. Very important difference from the videogame is the fact that everything is controlled not by the NPC, but by people, and the trade relations including. The prices are set by the people, since the whole market consists of buy and sell among the players. After the fight the ships are destroyed irretrievably which increases the weight of the economy. There is an insurance for ships, but it’s paid too.

Main currencies at EVE Online:

Isk – primary tradable unit.

PLEX – analogue of the monthly subscription, which can be exchanged.

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