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AION is a popular MMORPG developed by the Korean NCSoft in 2007. To get to the AION’s world You’ll have to take your wallet, since the subscription is paid. As the majority of similar games AION is permanently upgraded in order to keep up with the times. New quests, locations, increase of the maximum level and other interestingnesses bring the renewals. Just to count the amount of the updates, released by today, fingers on two hands won’t be enough. There are 27 updates and they divided into 5 plot groups.

The AION universe is divided between two “fractions” Asmodian and Elyos (in a word and angels and demons). Player should make a choice at once and continue the chosen way until the end (until the creation of the new character). Here are a few advantages which saved the project from the “common Korean MMORPG” cliché which was tried to attach before the release:

Spoilering isn’t nice, so I recommend to feel everything by yourself.

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