Our service always meets the needs of the buyers. We try to reward our loyal clients for their dedication to the shop, so we have developed a profitable system of discounts and bonuses. To get an access to the system, it is required to register on our website. The user specifies his e-mail, which becomes the main tool to get discounts.


Progressive discount

This discount means that each transaction, any payment is taken into account.

The payment amount will decrease with each subsequent order. The amount may be reduced to 5%.

 — Total amount of orders 20$ or higher = constant discount​ 1%.

 — Total amount of orders 80$ or higher = constant discount​ 2%.

 — Total amount of orders 160$ or higher = constant discount​ 3%.

 — Total amount of orders 250$ or higher = constant discount​ 4%.

 — Total amount of orders 400$ or higher = constant discount​ 5%.

In order to get information about discounts, just visit your personal account.


One-time discount coupon.

Follow our socials or give a feedback on our forum threads then contact with our operator in online chatto get 5% discount coupon. This discount doesn’t summarize with the progressive discount!

You can find links to our socials in head of the site, or at «Contact us» page, link to forum threads at the bottom of the page.


Bonuses. In addition to standard discounts, the other rewards are available in our shop. For delay of the order delivery (this is possible in very rare cases), the user receives a nice reward for waiting.

We wish you the good bargains!