Path of Exile


Path of Exile 

Popular MMORPG Path of Exile (PoE) or as it sometimes called – Path of Exiles (though it is not proper) – gives an incredible and unique experience. PoE will appeal to all fans of Diablo and Sacred series, since it has similar mechanics and gameplay.

Path of Exile is offered to the players with a Free-to-Play system. It is worth mentioning that the game doesn’t have an in-game store where you can buy PoE item or currency that would at least have any effect on the game balance. All PoE items on sale are purely cosmetic and affect mainly the look of your character – for example, a more spectacular outfit or personal pet. With the gained experience a player can buy Path of Exile currency called here as Orbs.

However, independent sellers give a chance to purchase a Path of Exile account with already levelled up characters, because boosting them on your own takes up to 10 hours, to say the best. You may choose between the PoE accounts with levelled up characters in 6 major classes: Witch, Shadow, Templar, Marauder, Ranger and Duelist. Each of them have different passive skills, so pick up wisely.

Just like famous Diablo, Path of Exile on Xbox One, PS4 and PC has 3 levels of difficulty and the possibility of cooperative walkthrough, you can run in a squad up to 4 teammates. PoE is a great online title that definitely worth any gamer’s attention.

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