Lineage II Essence (EU)

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Lineage 2: (Essence)

Lineage 2 Essence is one of the latest versions of the classic MMORPG games – Lineage 2. The new version L2Essence received the accelerated leveling, a more loyal attitude to beginners and a PvP focus.

Another major difference is the lack of grind and auto-fights like in Lineage 2 Classic. Otherwise, the game is similar to the original version: there are 5 races and 31 classes to choose from, and the maximum level stops at 85. Since there is a focus on fighting the players with each other, then every day at the local Olympic games, users must defend their rating that is adjusted every week.

The changes affected the battle with monsters, where in addition to Lineage 2 Adena the most popular loot for the experience includes special currency called as L-coins. With L-coins, you can purchase various items in the in-game store.


Who should play Lineage 2 Essence?

Lineage 2 Essence is designed for both veterans and new players, so it was decided to throw the bosses into the open world, simultaneously with increasing their level and reducing the time of revival.

Among other changes is the shortening of the Olympic cycle to a week, the ability to fight for the title of character every day, the presence of 5 races, 31 classes and 85 levels, each class being self-sufficient and interesting to explore.

Monsters in Lineage 2 Essence are weaker (even a healer will kill them), since everything is sharpened on PvP, and it will speed up auto-leveling and automatic use of consumable items. Also, monsters will drop a unique L-coin currency in Lineage 2 Essence so that players can spend them on consumable items in a special store of Lineage 2 Essence. This store also gives a chance to buy Lineage 2 Essence items, Adena and L-coins with real money.

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