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Revelation EU/NA

Revelation Online was one of the most anticipated MMO games of 2017 in the western countries. The game is very remarkable for its extra-fast gameplay. In addition, its combat system has absorbed a lot from games in the genre of action, where you do not just call your opponent to a deadly combat, but also use melee fights. You may boost your account or buy Revelation online gold to have more items for customization. 

The world is just huge – it has hundreds of quests. In addition to the usual PvE modes and a number of quests, you can fight other PVP players, clean dungeons, or even buy your own home.

The developers have placed special emphasis on the flight system: the whole open world of Revelation Online game can be explored in flight, while players are available with different wings and mounts for exploring.  The levels are gained quite quickly: after completing a training company, you will receive level 15, access to a variety of skills and functions of Revelation online.

Also, Revelation will show you a system of mentors and murderers of demons - this is so that you do not get bored. There are really many quests in the game, and they quickly alternate with each other and do not last too long.

Features of Revelation online that you may like:

·        Very lively gameplay and combat system;
·        Awe-inspiring quests that are good compared to other contemporary MMOs;
·        Wings and mounts for free exploration;
·        The in-game store sells mainly cosmetic items, but there are also boosters and to buy Revelation online gold;

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