Tree of Savior



The Tree of Savior release date was set on the 2016, April but for whole impatient mates the publisher offers few start packs with some pleased advantages and access to the game server one month before the official starting. The biggest Founder pack contains premium status for 60 days, additional speed and experience options, 2 puppets, some inside game money and the potions for reset skills and stats. It’s good start proposition for the users who plan to play for a long time. The information in detail about this offer and other lots is available on the Tree of Savior official website.


The Gameplay Inside

So what did happen to this beautiful world? The legend tells us about a gigantic tree that appeared suddenly in the center of the universe. Same time the goddesses who protected the humans from the evil forces disappeared so the war started. And now the players have to defence themselves and fairy tale world from the monsters that overflow over there. It’s a big wish to mention the big and really good work of the designers who draw in the details whole locations, cute nice personages and even the monsters came out cool and a bit sweet. The product uses both 3D and 2D graphics. From the first glance the interface of the game screen is very unpretentious but couple of minutes and the user feels this worked out style and systems concept.

Even from the start the project amazed with the declared features:

  • More than hundred unique classes of the personages. The gamer can create own hero that won’t be similar with anyone’s else;
  • The main emphasis of the TOS MMO lays on the quests, PvE and character developing. Frankly the quests are very simple now but they bring scores for the leveling so haven’t to be ignored. The game contains the scenarios as well, this option is oriented for team playing already;
  • The skills and stats can distribute only by hands and it would request for the serious brain working because every mistake can be dangerous for the right leveling of the personage. Of course the developers left the emergency exit for such cases, the TOS shop offers the special potions for reset wrong step in the skill or stat distribution but… the user can buy it only for real money not for Tree of Savior gold;
  • The control can be put on effect by the standard way, through the gamepad or just by the keyboard;
  • The non-target combat system and declared two hundred various bosses promise the active and cheerful game process. By the way bosses have a classification here, they divide into dungeon ones, raid and field bosses;
  • The personages can be not just the monster killers but open private business;
  • The gameplay foresees the pets and mounts both. And both options would bring to the character additional scores in the skills or stats as a good mood because those creatures are extremely nice.


As it said above the system of the adjustment for the personage developing is a pretty difficult and resembles this gigantic tree that gave the name to the MMO actually. So the player has to be very careful in the distribution process as it was mentioned already every mistake head for the money costs or for the braking in the developing. The personage can also study from the masters. Some of them you can find in the city, some – out of the town walls. It’s better to remember where every master is… it’s a really good way for the improving skills like the Tree of Savior cheap gold deposit.

Sure, it’s no needed to forget about usual deals in the game process, more experience scores mean more skills in the result. So cope with the professions, develop the trading, attack the mobs because it’s almost only way to get some resources for the crafting, use the party system to join the good company in the raid for the reward receiving.


The project started with very high rating positions and continues deservedly keeping them. The only shortcoming that comes to the mind it’s a location of the Tree of Savior server that is situated in the Eastern America, actually it’s  same one which run for the close beta testing. It wasn’t a problem during the testing time so let’s hope the physical remoteness won’t hurt to the European players. The Tree of Savior official site informs about global events among the Asian and European players from different servers that are planning in the close future, so the product is developing too… by the own tree. It seems the Tree of Savior buy would be a good gift for any MMORPG connoisseur.