Tree of Savior



Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior is a great MMO title delivered by the small but experienced studio IMC GAMES. The lead designer is Hack Kyu, who previously worked with other popular MMORPG titles – Ragnarok Online and Granado Espada. The game must be taken as a spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online, so it comes as no surprise that the developers decided to use an isometric camera and similar artistic style.

Tree of Savior is a PvE-focusing game. The plot welcomes players in a magical land that inhabitants of which have already lost the contact with ancient gods, soon after which the sacred tree in the center of the capital turned into something terrible, destroying a nearby city and many people. The branches of the sacred tree became monsters and the country was plunged into chaos.

A fascinating story, a huge number of quests and dozens of various bosses – the main content of the game. User should try this game in order to boost their characters and buy Tree of Savior items for a further adventure.

In addition to an interesting storyline, the developers have prepared an incredible number of game classes – over 80 different races and classes to choose from. Creating a unique build is one of the key features in Tree of Savior. As the character develops, players will have the opportunity to get the characters from the new classes, which will put them in front of a difficult choice: leave and develop the current class or pick a new one. For example, you may boost Tree of Savior Sea account to be able to perform marine missions.

How can you use Tree of Savior Silver?

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