Warframe Online

Warframe Online a free-2-play cooperative online shooter. The hostile sci-fi world of Warframe universe is waiting for you to gather a team and start a war all over the solar system. You get the role of Tenno, the master of the sword and cannons, the owner of a battle suit (there are a few varieties, almost for any match or mode available in Warframe Online).

Initially, all players with a new Warframe account meet in an in-game solar system with different planets. Each planet has its own resources, missions and types of enemies. On some maps, you will have to fight against armored machine gunners, somewhere against people and robots and sometimes to survive through a huge infected crowd. 

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Tenno characters are descendants of the oldest race, preserved in cryogenic chambers. They do not have greedy goals, driven only by nobility and discipline. They are not familiar with this world and enemies, but they will defend themselves to the last.

The cooperative mode involves the union of 4 friends in PvE missions (there is an auto-match option). You can capture artifacts and data, hack the ships navigation system, defend against dozens of rising waves of enemies and explore the secrets like where to get or buy Warframe Platinum cheap.


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